What material are the dolls made of?

Before answering the question, let's establish what kind of materials can be found on the adult doll market.

Silicone is mainly composed of oxygen and silicon. It is often used for medical, cosmetic, and mechanical purposes. It is poured into cold matter on the foam covering the skeleton.
TPE (or thermoplastic elastomer) is an oil-bound polymer. It has great flexibility and its condition changes under the influence of heat. Hot is poured directly onto the skeleton.

All our dolls are made of TPE, if this is the case we will inform you in the description in the item.


What is the touch feeling?

This is perhaps the most important aspect. These 2 materials are very different in terms of how they feel.

Silicone is by far the most durable material, it is durable, and the foam covering the skeleton gives the dolls a more realistic look. In addition, it is formed on a foam that prevents the skeleton of the silicon from tearing. Silicone-based skeletons are also often more precise and made of better metals.

TPE has the advantage of being more flexible so that the intercourse is easier. It can also be more pleasant to the touch. However, the fact that it is poured directly onto the skeleton (without the foam) can make it difficult for the doll to move.

Hence the huge price difference between dolls made of TPE and silicone.


Keeping it clean.

After use, rinse the holes with an irrigator (available at any pharmacy). Then insert a cloth into the holes to absorb any remaining moisture. Never use a hair dryer as it may melt when heated to over 40ºC. To dry the holes, we suggest using tampons, one for the mouth, 2 for the vagina (one behind the other) and 2 for the anus opening (behind you). Tampons are much easier to put on, will absorb moisture, do not create lint and can be easily removed. Tampons absorb most of the mixture of semen and lubricant. After a few minutes, you can remove the tampons.

There is no need to take the doll to the bathroom. To clean the doll, all you need is a spray bottle, baby powder and a makeup brush. Place your doll horizontally on a flat surface such as a bed or a soft foam pad. Using a spray bottle, make a mixture of soap and water and mix.

Preferably a mixture of regular hand soap / shower gel and plain water in a ratio of 1: 5.

We're going to wash the front half of her body now. Spray her front half and wipe it with a soft sponge or cloth until her torso, legs, and arms are clean. Pat it dry with a microfiber towel, then powder it to remove any stickiness and smooth skin. I strongly recommend dosing baby powder or cornstarch in a small container to keep it easily accessible and use a makeup brush to apply to all the parts you just cleaned. When you're done, turn it over and repeat the process.

After washing the doll with water and soap, the TPE may still remain stains and more persistent dirt which is not always very noticeable to the eye, depending on the light and color of the doll's skin. You can get rid of this by repeatedly stroking the baby oil in the same direction one part of your body at a time, and you'll quickly see the dirt collecting at the end of your strokes. Just remove this dirt with a fiber towel and repeat until it looks clean enough.


It is recommended to moisten the entire doll with mineral oil once a month so that the doll retains its factory properties as long as possible. Similar to washing, you apply baby oil to the front half of your body and wait about 2 hours for it to be absorbed, then turn the doll over and repeat the action. Be sure to remove baby powder first before lubricating her body. Vaseline can be used in high-stress areas such as the armpits, perineum and vagina, but it takes approx. 12 hours to be absorbed. Vaseline and Nivea cream have a higher mineral oil content than baby oil. Baby oil is the right choice for moisturizing the whole body.


Stains from clothes.

Dark colored clothes can stain the doll's skin, especially if it is new. Always try to use light colors. If you need dark colored clothes and they are new, wash them before putting on your doll.


Using lubricants.

We recommend the use of water-based lubricants. But there are people who prefer it without. Just decide for yourself. It is also safe to use petroleum jelly or baby oil as an alternative. If you want to use a regular lubricant, make sure it is water-based and not silicone-based as it may damage the TPE material.



To avoid chafing your armpits or other parts of your skin, keep your arms and legs straight and parallel to your body when not in use. If you keep it folded for a long time, such as sitting or with your arms raised, you run the risk that even in the normal position, the skin folds will look like scars.


Black list of harmful products.

- Alcohol:

Pure alcohol such as rubbing alcohol, alcohol diluted with water, and products containing a lot of alcohol such as baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, sprays and soaps, toy cleaners, etc.

Alcohol produces micro-injuries (irreversible) and a drying effect (porous, cracked and brittle) inside the TPE structure.

Only spray perfume on clothes and / or wig before putting on the doll.

Do not spray perfume directly on the doll's TPE surface.


- Solvents:

All kinds of single solvents and their compounds, such as mineral spirits, odorless mineral spirits, paint thinner, nitro thinner, and products containing solvents such as non-alcoholic baby wipes (containing ether and / or chlorine instead of alcohol) etc. Solvents cause the dissolution process inside the TPE structure, they destroy the block copolymers and are therefore extremely harmful to TPE.


- Vegetable oil:

Vegetable oil products such as creams, soaps, coconut oil shower gels, fruit oils etc.

Vegetable oils seal the TPE surface and thus the necessary breathing function of TPE is stopped.


- Silicone oil:

Products such as wet condoms (including dimethicone) and silicone-based lubricants.

Silicone oil affects the structure of TPE and makes it harder, cracked and brittle.

Shrinkage of the TPE may also occur.


First day

The first day of your TPE doll is the most important day. Wash the doll then apply some baby powder. You can also use cornstarch. Corn starch is non-toxic and food-safe. Harmless to yourself, your doll or the environment. You can mix it with the flavored powder and lick it off if you want !!

Be especially careful when unpacking. If you are using any tool to open the box, be extremely careful when cutting the cardboard. Be patient, the reward is very close! Make sure you are strong enough to support your doll's weight, make sure your back is straight before picking up your doll. Put your arm around her and the other under her legs, which should be bent. Bathe it to remove the chemical smell, then dry it and powder it completely. You don't need to take her to the bathroom, just use a damp cloth, move your limbs with your other hand while holding the joint, for example, hold your elbow while moving your forearm. This makes it easier to put on clothes and a wig.